Do you really need a review?

Sounds funny just asking that question. However I am learning a few things these days. I have learnt that a review may not necessarily be the most important of all that I need right now.
I have received quite a lot of reviews but according to a friend,it is not the review of established reviewers.
When I tried to get that,it felt like I need to hand over money that I must make from sale of the book.
There are reviewers, who have no clue what I’m writing about. One friend was honest enough to admit he could not wrap his head round the book.
A professional from my side of the world gave a list that excluded Numen Yeye..
I think I might just listen to Gerry who advised that my book is special. There will be time enough to share with anyone,you know.
By the way,have you read Numen yeye. I would andwer your questions Continue reading “Do you really need a review?”